The planning, learning, teaching and getting it done tool.

The management tool created for leaders, planners, coaches, mentors, trainers and educators. All your planning resources in one place.

A goal without a plan is only a wish

Plan the way you want to

Goals are everything!

Goals are at the heart of the DNE system.

Everything revolves around Goals. Because without Goals you, your team or students won’t achieve anything. Whether you are creating a goal for yourself, a team, a coachee or a group of students, our goal is to help you achieve the Goals through easy planning and all the needed tools and resources in one place, and ways to apply accountability.


Everything in one place

Absolutely everything in one place:
Goals, tasks, mind maps, notes,  customer profiles, comparison charts, trees, timelines and more coming soon.

DNE lets you upload files and link resources to Goals and tasks. Instead of just showing a static task, add video instructions to ensure the person knows how to complete the task quickly and easily.


A schedule like no other, view and plan your week on a calendar not a pointless todo list. has a multi purpose calendar to schedule tasks (create tasks on the calendar in real time), add meetings and plan availability blocks. The best part! It works on all your devices from Apple to Android to Windows.

Plan the way you want to

Work the way you want to work

  • Create a goal for yourself
  • Create a goal for a team
  • Create a goal for students
  • Plan using cards
  • Plan using trees
  • Plan using a timeline
  • Schedule manually, on a timeline or let DNE auto-populate your calendar based on the sequential order you planned your tasks. Complete a task and DNE will load the next task into the calendar.
  • Invite team members and manage their workflow


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Create tasks with purpose

DNE’s task engine has gone one step beyond creating the traditional task. With DNE you create a task with meaning:
Give full clear instructions using text, images and video.
Attach all needed documents and resources against the task.
Interact with them using the built-in commenting tool.
Challenge the person completing the task by having them answers questions against the task.
Create tasks that require a once of completion or create tasks that need to be completed daily.


Managing Your Consultancy or Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We have built the tool to help you achieve your goals whether it is as an entrepreneur, startup or long in the tooth business.

"It has changed the way I manage my business so much so that I have more time to spend with things that matter most, my children"

– Cigal Kaplan, Cigal Kaplan Interiors

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